Insurance Coverage

Coverage Disputes over policy exclusions, denials of coverage, overlapping coverage, and many other issues frequently arise between insurance companies and policyholders.

Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance companies have a legal responsibility to treat their insureds fairly both in dealing directly with third-party claims against the insured. The responsibility is implied in every insurance contract, even if it is not specifically set forth in the written terms. When insurance companies act in bad faith and unfairly deny coverage, however, policyholders, and other types of insurance bad faith.

Whether representing a business or an individual policyholder, our attorneys provide objective interpretations of a wide variety of insurance contracts. When disputes arise, we provide creative advice on the rights and obligations of the parties to an insurance contract and strive to bring practical resolutions to disputes without the need for costly litigation. If litigation is inevitable, we have the experiences and resources necessary to achieve optimal results and maximize efficiencies for each client, bringing about a resolution in a timely manner.

At Moon Law, we work to protect the rights of businesses and individuals as policyholders in numerous ways, including the following:

  • Coverage disputes and bad faith litigation
  • Coverage denial and termination
  • Contract interpretation and advisement of rights
  • Defense and pursuit of actions for declaratory relief

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