Special Needs Law

Families with children with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome or other disabilities often face so many day to day challenges that planning for their child’s future is often something that is overlooked.  However, whether a special needs child is an infant or an adult, it is a very important to plan for long-term financial and personal care needs.  At Moon Law we will work with you to establish an individual plan to protect and provide for your special needs child.  Moon Law serves Greenville and Upstate South Carolina by providing following services for the families of special needs children:

Some things you should know about special needs law:

  • Once a special needs child turns 18, their parent may be barred from making healthcare decisions without becoming a legal guardian or conservator.
  • Property or money may not be able to be passed directly to an individual with special needs.
  • The process for obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship can take 6 months or more.
  • The cost of obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship may increase in the event of an emergency, so it may be cost effective to start the process prior to when it becomes necessary.

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